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We are experts in Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become a popular choice for modern roofing in Australia not only because of its visually appealing aspects, but as an ideal solution to our extreme climate conditions.

Metal roofing is fire, rot, mildew and insect resistant, making it a good choice for durability and value for money. Having a metal roof installed reduces heat transfer, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer,
which reduces your home power costs.

Metal roofs are suitable for all residential, commercial, industrial and retail roof types and come in a variety of metal sheeting types, including Colorbond, with over 20 different colours to choose from.

We are experts in metal roofing and highly recommend this
"environmentally friendly" form of roofing as an ideal flexible solution to your Australian home. Colorbond roof sheets are strong and durable, offer a wide range of modern, stylish colours and resists peeling and cracking, making it an ideal choice for versatility, performance and aesthetics.

tiled roof for home

Has your home been damaged by storm? Are you renovating your aging home?
Or is a stylish, quality tile roof the roofing solution to your new home?

Tile roofs have always been a popular choice for roofing for their aesthetics, their thermal insulation, noise resistance, strength and endurance. Tiles come in an endless variety of styles and colours, suitable for any style of architecture. The installation of a tile roof may be more expensive, however the benefits are a good quality, long lasting roof that not only looks good and blends in with the environment, it is easy to repair because the tiles are individually installed. Tile roofs are good insulators as they create a natural air-flow under each tile and perform well under harsh conditions. Another bonus with tile roofs is that they are fire-proof. Smart Roof can help you choose the right style of tiling to compliment your home and meet your budget. Our team have an extensive knowledge of both terracotta and cement tiles, with access to a vast range of tiles from Australian manufacturers.

We repair:
Roof Leaks
Cracked or broken tiles
Deteriorated valleys and ridges -
amaged ridge caps are rebedded and repointed
Roof plumbing, downpipes and gutters

roof removal central coast

Whatever your roofing problem is ...

At Smart Roof, we not only install new roofs, we are experienced in roof removal too.

We take the hassle out of dealing with different contractors by advising on the best roofing solution, removing your existing roof from your property and installing your new roof.

We are qualified to remove asbestos from roofs and walls and all rubbish and hazardous materials are safely removed from your site

roof repairs

Sometimes a roof repair is the right solution to prolong the life of your existing roof without the expense of a complete new roof.

For all residential, commercial, industrial and retail buildings, Smart Roof specialise in roof repairs for tile or metal roofs.

A thorough inspection is made by our experienced team to assess what repairs are required and all possible options are given to you for assessment. We will advise you on the most cost-effective options to solving your roofing problem as well as related repairs such as downpipes, gutters, fascias, skylights and ventilation.

Smart Roof can advise on maintenance tips to keep your existing roof in top shape after repairs have been made.

leaking roof repair

Roof Leak and Maintenance in Sydney

A tiny leak in your roof can become a flood!

If you see or suspect any roof leaks, call Smart Roof for a comprehensive inspection before your roof leak becomes a major inconvenience as well as being a costly venture.

If you suspect you have a leak, Smart Roof professionals will quickly and efficiently locate and repair your leak with minimum fuss.

A sign of a leaking roof can be a discoloured patch on your ceiling. Calling us at the first signs will not only prevent further damage to your home and your possessions, but save you money on future roof repair.

For expert roof leak repair in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney – call 1300 4 ROOFS (1300 476 637) today!

anchor point systems on roof

Anchor Points provide a safe WHS compliant workspace for roofing technicians and related trades.

At Smart Roof we are Certified Height Safety tradesmen, qualified to install roof anchor points, ladder brackets and access hatches.

Our qualified tradesman can install anchor point systems to tiled and metal roofs for home, strata, retail, commercial or industrial roofs, and each anchor point system is supplied with a Certificate of Compliance.

We will give you a friendly reminder each year to re-certify your anchor point system to remain WHS compliant.

asbestos removal
asbestos in roof

It is well known that asbestos is a hazardous material and is no longer used in building materials (banned nationally Dec 2003), due to its harm to health, but asbestos can still be found in older homes and commercial buildings.

Removal is a necessity for the owner and at Smart Roof, we are qualified and experienced in safe asbestos removal.

If you suspect asbestos in your roof, walls or insulation, call our licensed tradesman at Smart Roof to remove it safely and completely.

See our projects page for pictures on before and after asbestos identification, removal and replacement.