Our home has a very complex roof structure which also acts as our rain water catchment for our home’s water supply. The guttering system is efficiently connected to underground storm water pipes that ensure our water tanks are continually filled every time it rains.

Our roof has been fully insulated and soundproofed ensuring total comfort within our home regardless of the season. Several roof windows have also been installed to allow natural lighting and ventilation.

Besides the practical needs of our roof, it also adds character to our home giving it an outstanding appearance.

The team at Smart Roof was an excellent choice in installing all our roofing needs. The initial logistics in regards to materials was always going to be a challenge. Surprisingly, there was little waste and the meticulous effort by the team ensured the job was completed most efficiently and trouble free.

Their can do, not a problem attitude ensured our job was completed on time and within our budget. The neatness and precision of their work gives our roof an outstanding appearance which in our opinion makes our home special.

It is obvious to us that the team at Smart Roof take pride in their work and are a professional group that are well respected within the roofing industry. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Smart Roof no matter how big or small your job may be.

A & R Formica

Southern Highlands NSW

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